My Mexican Mother’s Day: Day 2

A little vaca video of our week away…

DAY 2:

Feet on the table, room service treats, and ocean air- best wakeup call ever. We did room-service breakfast every morning on our back porch because it was easiest way to go with the kids. They had the best pineapple and watermelon and the kids loved indulging in treats like pancakes or french toast that they never get at home. I may have indulged a little (a LOT) as well. All the food was great!IMG_6541Checking out the ocean waves with my amazed little girl…
IMG_6525These shorts are a Jonah hand-me-down and they gave us so many laughs. He was like an adorable little Euro boy.IMG_6542Why Dad is the best even on Mother’s Day. πŸ™‚IMG_6547Taking it all in…IMG_6543and loving it!IMG_6582From the moment we arrived to the very last, this girl was perfectly content building sand castles. Her favorite activity of the trip for sure!IMG_6548IMG_6556IMG_6581Thanks to a kind stranger who offered, we all made it in one picture! πŸ™‚
IMG_6529IMG_6530IMG_6584IMG_6555IMG_6579Digging, digging, and more digging. Best $4 I’ve ever spent on these shovels and bucket! πŸ˜‰
IMG_6577IMG_6576-0Tuck wasn’t too sure about all that sand stuck to his feet and so his happy place wound up being the outdoor showers before returning to the pool. It never failed to get this boy giggling again. IMG_6564 IMG_6563 IMG_6561 IMG_6560IMG_6535WeΒ spent the day hopping back and forth between the pool and ocean. It was a wonderful Mother’s Day indeed to be sipping fruity drinks and splashing with my babes. Naptime went without a hitch and I actually finished a book laying out on the patio with a side of guacamole. πŸ™‚ When the kids woke up it was back to the ocean for more sand castles…
IMG_6568IMG_6575 IMG_6570Since ourΒ children are particularly white, we had to be very careful about sun protection. We brought a few different baby sunscreens along with some aloe just in case. Our routine included reapplying sunscreen nearly every hour and keeping Tucker in a rash guard top and hat. He wore these hats (1,2) pretty much every day because they were awesome at keeping his entire face in the shade. It was hard to keep a hat on Emmy since she kept fearlessly jumping and going under the water. She doesn’t mind a fabulous pair of sunnies though! πŸ˜‰ Thankfully the kids made it the whole week without a sunburn and our hyper-vigilance paid off.IMG_6572

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