Jonah Tales

Jonah is three years old now. He is my clever, sometimes sarcastic-humored kid. He has this uncanny way of reading a situation and knowing the thing to say or do to make people smile. He loves to be the culprit of a good laugh! He catches his Daddy’s sarcastic comments and uses them when he sees fit. “Hey guuuy,” he’ll say to a speeding car or “What!?!!? That’s crazy!” when he sees something odd. He loves to call people by their wrong names, sometimes just to agitate his sister. He’s determined to make her think he’s funny too! When he can’t get a smile or think of something funny, he always resorts to a funny face and boy sounds- “bleeahh!”


I have a hard time writing down his “kid-humor moments” because most of his funny comments come from his cute little lisp and audacious personality, which is often hard to dictate on paper. Looking through my phone notes, I realized I do have a few that I want to remember forever. Here are few that have made me smile!


Jonah recently got a Kaliedescope at a birthday party, when we got home, I asked him where his Kaliedescope was… “no Mom that what they called it in the old days. Now they call it a look out thing with lots of colors.”

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“Mimi ‘puter name is Netflix… right, Mommy? That what name she calls it!?”

Driving in the car at night, “Jesus name Jesus make a shooting star so I can see it. Jesus name, Amen.

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After too many days of rain. Jonah opens the back door, sticks his hand outside and runs to me, “Mom!! Its WONDA-Fil outside!”

Every night I pray over him that he is a light to the world- that he shows the love of Jesus to his friends. One night, he prayed , “Jesus name I show Jesus to my friends, Amen!” #heartmelted

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His go-to phrases: What you said??   Why?   I tan do it by myself!   Right, Mom?   I tan’t do it!   MOM!! Where is you!?

Running outside, he slipped and slowly got up. He takes a deep breath and says, “Its a good thing I have one muscle, I saved myself!

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“Hey Mom, I know how to do a thumb war with my head!” Then he smashes his head into mine and pushes with all his might. Ouch! “I’m like the Hulk, right?”

“You da best!” (on repeat, to fill any silence, at least 40 times a day) 🙂                                    I’m not complaining.

I like my pants like this! Im a biiiiig boy!

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Walking around in his little boxers, he exclaimes, “Brrr! My legs is starving cold!”

“When I have a baby someday, I going to name him ‘For’ (Thor)… buuut if he a bad baby, I going to name him ‘Loki’!”


Jonah pulled out the mop and slowly shakes his head, “Oh Mommy, there is goobers all over this house. I better clean it up, right?”

We always tell Jonah he has to eat his “good food” so that his muscles will get bigger. Halfway through breakfast he looks up at me and says, “I not have anymore room! My muscles look good, right?!”

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I asked Jonah why he was so handsome. He says, “Oh Mommy, its be-tuz I look like my Daddy!” 🙂

Most mornings, I crawl into bed with Jonah to cuddle and wake up. One day, Norah was waiting on me downstairs, so I scooped Jonah out of bed and headed back to Norah. He impatiently grabbed my hand and pulled me to the guest room. “T’mon Mom, let’s tuddle!”

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

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