Vacation Reading List

We are SO excited to be going on our first “real” family vacation this month. We’ve done lots of trips to Chicago/Michigan to visit family and we’ve done a trip to Cancun just the two of us but never the four of us. I can hardly wait to get to the beach and watch my kids play. I know we’re going to make memories that we’ll look back on forever and that is just my absolute favorite thing.

Even though I’m super excited, I am a tad bit nervous about how this vaca will go with all four of us sleeping in the same room. It’ll just be one big experiment. I usually LOVE reading on vacations but this time around I’ll probably be busy building sand castles and applying sunscreen during the days. Since we plan on being stuck in our room once the kids are down for the night, we made sure to get a place with a balcony. We hope to spend our nights out there with our super cool new reading lamps and a few good books we’ve been trying to get through. Here’s a look at the reading material we’re packing for our wild nights 🙂 :


Grace Based Parenting: I’ve been trying to get through Grace Based Parenting since last summer! It’s seriously so good but I can never find the time to finish it. I love thinking about the way we raise our kids and this is such a thought-provoking read.

Going Off Script: I’ve been known to have an unhealthy obsession with Giuliana Rancic and her family. I think she’s hilarious and pretty much my best friend’s long lost twin. So somehow I believe we’re friends. 🙂 When I saw her new book was out I knew it would be the perfect light-hearted read for our trip.

Red Rising: Josh’s recommendation. I’m sure I’ll be sucked in immediately as it’s supposedly so much better than Hunger Games.

Liar’s Poker: Matt’s book. A funny book about Wall Street? I’ll take his word for it. 🙂

The Good Fight: Regardless of this cheesy cover, I’m actually really looking forward to this one. Matt and I read their other book, Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts, in our pre-marital counseling several years ago. We loved it and all the conversations it spurred on between us. For us, reading a book like this together makes us so much closer. We always end up having great talks and being reminded to nurture our marriage and grow as a couple. One of the most helpful things I took away from our pre-marital counseling was learning how to have a fair argument and resolve conflict in a healthy and productive manner. This book just expounds on all of that so I’m excited to read it together.

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