Mother’s Day DIY: Instagram Magnets

IMG_8525Looking for a sentimental gift minus the cheese? Here’s a fun idea that’s totally easy and budget-friendly! There’s a few places that’ll turn your Instagram photos into magnets but they’re a little pricy and I’m sure there’s a bit of a wait time. So, I started thinking there’s got to be an easy way to DIY, if only I’d stop being lazy.

  1. The perfect magnet size is about 2X2 and without photoshop or another editor I couldn’t resize my pictures easily. Then, I had an aha moment and just used my Diptic app to arrange four instagram photos into their squarephoto grid.IMG_5832
  2. I used Sam’s Club to print my photos. They have the option to print them in a 4X4 square, which is perfect so that each photo is 2X2 when cut. They’re 17 cents a print and you get four photos out of one print so this is super cheap! I think I spent less than $2 on all of them.IMG_8472
  3. Buy a large sheet of magnetic paper. It’s $6 (with a coupon) at Hobby Lobby and you can fit tons of photos on there. I had plenty left over at the end. I did it one row at a time by drawing a line with a ruler and cutting that section off. I could fit about 6 pictures per line.
  4. Cut your pictures into squares and place them on the sticky side of the magnetic paper. Cut out each picture. Emmy was actually my big helper and loved doing this craft with me. I gave her the job of peeling off the sticker on the magnet paper, choosing the next photo to paste, and passing it to me. 🙂 IMG_8504
  5. Paint each one with a layer of Mod Podge, let them dry, and you’re done!
    IMG_8507I’m so happy with the finished product, I’m going to print some more for our own house! 🙂
    IMG_8537There you have it- a thoughtful little add-on gift for both Grandmas for less than $10!

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