Giant Tissue Flower Tutorial

IMG_5775We just had so much fun throwing a shower for my friend Mine’ and her twin boys. We could not be more excited for this family. They have been through quite a journey to get to this point and watching her belly grow is just another sign on God’s faithfulness to his promises. I could hardly wait to start crafting for this epic celebration. Her sister, Sedef, came up with the fabulous idea of a garden party complete with a flower crown making station. I’d seen some amazingly HUGE tissue flowers on Pinterest but most of the tutorials were a dead end. I ended up combining a few and adding some things. I had a few people asking how I made them so I decided to do another video tutorial. So, here’s how…

1. I ordered all my tissue paper from Amazon because we use Prime and I can get it in bulk and fast. This is the coral I’m using in the video. I start by layering 6 large sheets (20″X30″).

2. Fold your tissue papers accordion style about 1-2 inches thick. This does NOT have to be perfect so don’t stress over it.

3. I actually used wire for most of them but bobby pins work too. Pin the folds closed about 3/4 down on one side so that when you pull it out, one side is much bigger than the other.

4. Choose a style to cut your petals into. I used two semi-circle shapes on the short end and big zig-zags on the longer end. I also made some with that fancy scroll-type cut from the end of the video on several and those were my favorite (they look more like a peony to me). On those ones I’d make large cuts randomly in the petals so they’d fall more naturally. Another thing I did on some of them was crumple up the top tissue on the tall side and fold it under just to look like a plush smaller ring of petals…IMG_5776

5. Start on the big side and pull up each piece individually toward the top. Be a little gentle so you don’t tear the paper but once you get the hang of it, you can start moving faster. Do the same on the short side and you have one corner of your flower.

6. Make three more of these flowers.

7. Glue a few paper plates together for your base.

8. Arrange and glue your four flowers together to make one big flower. Squeeze them in pretty tight so they look like one.

9. Create one small tissue flower with 6 sheets of smaller tissue. Make sure you make your accordion just as short as the short end of your other flowers so it’s not sticking out too much when you glue it in the center.

10. Add some tinsel to the middle for a little more pizzaz and voila! 🙂

I tried to create several different styles to make it more appealing by using different cuts on the ends of the petals, mixing colors, and flower types. The pretty rose looking ones were based off this tutorial.IMG_5777IMG_5783IMG_5778

Happy crafting! 🙂

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