Summer Grab N’ Go

Last summer, after loading and unloading for every activity, I decided that a “Summer Grab N Go” bag was a necessity. I found a summer carry-all and loaded it up with all the necessities for spur-of-the-moment summer fun. The next week, as we drove pass the park and splash-pad, after a long grocery excursion, I surprised the kids by pulling in. They thought it was amazing and I was thrilled that we didn’t need to go home and reload.

I just reloaded the bag for this year and it is in it’s place, in the back of the minivan- ready for the summer adventures to begin. Here’s what we include in our bag:summer grab and go2

1. Bathing suits: There’s always the opportunity to get cooled off!

2. Sunscreen: Though I am a fan of great organic sunscreen, Β I keepΒ the cheap spray-on sunscreen for quick adventures. So little hassle.

3. Towel: I usually just keep one in the bag for both my kids. Keeping the bag as small as possible is great, so that I never need to remove it from the car.

4. Picnic Blanket: I found a blanket much like the one in the picture on last year. It is great because it rolls up and is waterproof. Great for dewey mornings at the park.

5. Toy: Whatever your kids are into. My almost 5 year old LOVES to play frisbee, so that was our new addition to the bag this year. In the past, it has been cups and balls to play with in the splash pad.

6. Water Bottle: Hot days at the park mean LOTS and LOTS of drinking. I keep an extra bottle of Aquafina in the bag for those times when our Camelbacks find themselves sucked dry.

7. Snacks: Heat resistant, pre-packaged snacks stay in our bag. Nothing with chocolate (melted chocolate = big mess).

8. Wipes: Enough said.

When we plan for a day at the park or meeting friends at the pool, I just add the few extras we need for a full day of fun. Β It is so much faster to have half of the packing already done. Throw in fruit, more water, a few more towels, pool toys and sunglasses and we’re out the door.

Happy Summer!!

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