Our Week in Snapshots


Honestly the last week had some great moments but was mostly filled with lots of screaming! AH! Tuck is going through a “hitting phase” and loves to get Emmy, who screams in terror. When we take away his hitting device he screams like there’s no tomorrow and it’s just not really that fun. wa! We’re working on it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Besides that we had a super fun weekend indoor camping as a family, riding bikes to the gym, and golf lessons in the backyardย with the cousins. Now Em’s developed a little cold so we’re hunkering down, ย hoping for a fast recovery!


It was a week of trying to establish a “new routine.” With the sno shacks open, life is busy! Mommy has a couple hours of work to do each day, Daddy is in at out at random times and the kids have been great in the limbo; yet, I know that giving them predictability is important. We’ve playedย a lotย at the park, had fun with the cousins and taken lots of walks. The highlight of the week was a dreamy Tea Party Birthday for Norah’s school friend. It was just magical! Cheers to drinking out of tea cups all summer! ๐Ÿ™‚

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