Emersonisms XII

*I was having one of those days where everything was just falling apart. The kids were melting down, especially Tucker who was just screaming crying the whole car ride home. All I could think about was getting the kids to bed asap. I turned off the music and Emmy was pretty disappointed about it. I said, “I just need a minute to think without the music. We’re going to leave it off now” (1 mile from home at this point). She says, “You broke my heart. And that makes me sad. Jesus is going to have to get me a new heart. That’s not nice to break my heart. I need a new one because I like hearts

* “No poopy this time. My poopy just says, no- I want to stay in Emmy’s butt”

*”Starbucks chocolate milk!! That’s my favorite water cup to drink!”

* Me- “Ill get you a water cup” Emmy- “You’re so nice to me mom!! (with the most sincere smile)

*I always tell Emmy to watch out for Tucker when we leave them in child care for different things. When I picked her up from her 3 year old class at church she told me, “I watched out for MYSELF!”

*Dad- “Want to go to Pei Wei? Em- “No, I want something different.” Dad- “Like what?” Em- “SAM’S CLUB!!!”

*Em told us how her tummy was sooo hungry on the ride home. I told her we’d eat some chicken and rice when we got home. She says, “No.. I want to eat real food”. We laughed and asked her what real food was, expecting to hear something like crackers. She says under her breath, “Okay, here’s the deal guys… Let’s go home and first watch a movie, get some apples, and some peanut butter, and then we go to sleep”. 🙂

*Driving in the car we saw a flock of birds fly over us in a line. We said wow look at that. How cool! Emmy then says very of matter-of-fact like, “I want to do that sometime”.

*Matt was saying goodbye to Emmy before he went out of town for a couple days for work. Emmy told him, “Don’t worry, Dad. Mom will take care of us. She can turn on Octonauts for us”. It’s good to know I’m good for something. haha

*She’s been really into her one knock-knock joke about mr. underpants so when she does it I tell her, “Oh! That’s a knee slapper!” and crack up as I hit my knees. One day when we were driving along Tucker was pounding on his legs and she starts yelling at him, “No, Tucky! That’s not a knee-slapper! Don’t do that!!”IMG_4900

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