Do-It-All Dad

I don’t know when it happened… but, sometime in the last 9 years, the boy I married became the “do-it-all Dad.” It wasn’t always this way, he didn’t always seem to have a way to do everything.

I remember bringing home our wedding portrait. It was heavy, framed with the best glass and real wood. Josh didnt know how to hang it, so we made special trip to the hardware store. We bought a stud finder.

This morning, I heard our daughter enthusiastically chatting her Daddy’s ear off, about about how she learned to swing (pump her legs) on the playground. Next thing I know, she’s running through the house yelling, “Mommy! Mommy!! Daddy’s going to make me a swing!!!!” With work gloves on, they headed out to the garage and 30min later we have a tree swing in the front yard. Knots, drilling, sawing, measuring… simple but my Renaissance man knew how to do it all.IMG_7687

“You’re just the BEST Daddy ever!”

“You must be so smart, Daddy!”

“I am SO excited to swing! I can’t believe I’m going to have my own swing!”

IMG_7688Gushing… our daughter was absolutely gushing with excitement and awe for her Daddy. She thinks he’s amazing. She thinks he can do anything! Something about her reaction made me realize that it wasn’t always this way, he didn’t always have this arsenal of tool experience. Now, he really does seem to know how to fix anything, take care of any problem, and create new project. I am so proud of the man he’s become- the 20 year old him would be so proud of himself too!

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