Watercolor Egg Painting

We spent yesterday morning painting eggs with the cousins on the back deck. We had so much fun with Gram, baby Georgia and our little friend Kenzie too.
IMG_3317These two are the exact same size and too precious together! They were so adorable perched at the picnic table, ready to paint with the big kids.

We saw this idea to use droppers on Pinterest. Of course, we didn’t actually read the directions on mixing the colors. I totally forgot they require boiling water and vinegar- duh! So, we went back to reading instructions and found out they actually used watercolors- such a cool idea! So, the kids did a little mix of both. I think they loved being able to paint their own creations rather than just submerging them in the colored water, like we did last year.IMG_3297

The girls were SO into their painting and worked really hard. Tuck just wanted to give the black paint a taste, which left him with this funny mustache. Oops! 🙂

The weather was just so beautiful for spending time together outside, doing something different with little buddies. We love getting into holidays and keeping these fun traditions going.



After all that messy artwork, Angie pulled out the kiddie pool to help them clean up in. Kenzie and Tucker decided to go ahead and jump in with all their clothes on. They had the best time just splashing and giggling away. Tucker thought it was so funny to pretend to drink the water and spit it out for Kenzie. 🙂

We’re so looking forward to Easter and their painted eggs will be the perfect centerpiece for lunch. 🙂 Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend with their families!

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