Our Week in Snapshots


Spring Break has been a long week of celebrations, exploring… and trauma. We started off the week celebrating my birthday with family and friends. I felt so loved and so thankful! We saw the Cinderella movie with the precious Rivers family. I am just in love with this movie! Such a redeeming message of grace and kindness, amidst the violence and immorality that usually overtakes great movies. On Friday evening, we had a blast exploring with friends! The kids played in mud, threw rocks into ponds, chased the dogs and literally “ran wild.” It was perfect! The weekend was the rough part. On Saturday, we took our staff to a ropes course where Josh came down a zip line at about 25mph and crashed into an industrial ladder that the course workers forgot to move. After some confusion and staggering, they got him disconnected and oriented. He had a minor concussion (thank God for a helmet) and lots of bruising all down his back-side. We have been on constant rest and ice duty…. trying to get him back on his feet!


This week we did lots of grilling out and prep for Spring. We did a family party on Tuesday night and a girl’s night in honor of Angie and Coye’s birthdays on Wednesday. The kids have been absolute buds this week and it’s always so sweet to see. They race around our house on their scooters/cars for about 1/2 the day and at one point they paused for a hug and some giggles. Too sweet! Emmy’s found this mannequin at Old Navy, reached out and held her hand and said, “Mom, take my picture with her”. haha! We spent our weekend playing at the book store, seeing Cinderella, and working outside. 🙂

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