Norah Stories

“Hey Jonah, somedays when I grow up, I want to be a music-caler!”Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

During breakfast, Norah and I are having the first (of I’m sure many conversations to come) about her getting to “marry” someday. She says, “Someday I’ll get to marry, but I really wish it wasn’t that far away.” She goes on to inform me that her future husband must first be fast, then be funny… and she really hopes he works at a snow shack.      Norah, on the other hand, wants to be an adventurer, a good fighter (so she and Jonah can fight the “bad guys” together), an animal rescuer and a Mommy…. “oh, and I want to make sno cones too!”

While playing with Emmy at the Children’s Museum, Norah runs up exasperated. “Two boys were fighting and they tried to trip us. I looked at them and told them, ‘Don’t do that!!’ Then I gave them my mad face.” She scrunches up her face in a scowl.IMG_6802

A girl was mean to me at school. She told me, “Don’t chase Silas!” Did she say anything else? No. I just walked away, cause we don’t talk to people who are mean. Maybe I should pray for her?

“Since Jesus is standing in my heart, does He feel like He’s flying on an airplane when I run?”


“One time, when I was in your belly, I slept for two whole days and two whole nights. I didn’t even wake up! Isn’t that crazy?!”

“Mommy, don’t you want to be Mexican? Didn’t Jesus want you to be Mexican… because only the 3 of us are. Daddy, Norah, Jonah. What about you? Didn’t Jesus want you to be special?” Walks over to Jonah and they put their hands in and cheer, “Mexi-caaaaan!!”


Gazing out the window, Norah says, “I saw a blue jay AND a red jay!”

“I was on the swing and I just got SO dizzy. My head hurt and you know what!?!  I think some important stuff fell out.”


Sometimes when I eat, I look at my food and say, “You’ll all meet each other in my tummy!”


Things she says ALL the time:

Isn’t that SO crazy?

Did you even know that?

I actually think…

That is absolutely ridiculous!

You know what I was thinking? I was thinkin’ we could…

I don’t need your help 😦 (cue the Mommy heartbreak)


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