My Cruella de Vil Bathroom Makeover

This has easily become my favorite room in our whole house. It’s gone from “refined old lady” to funky and bright and I couldn’t be happier with our end result.

Matt and I briefly discussed changing it up since we haven’t done a darn thing to it since moving in. He went upstairs to start work and I started googling how to easily remove wallpaper. I’ve spent many MANY hours stripping paper with my parents or sister and it’s an absolute headache- a nail-sabotaging, sore arms, bored to tears headache! I decided to use a hot wash cloth just to test the waters on how bad this experience was going to be. My jaw hit the floor when I was able to peel an entire sheet of paper from ceiling to floor in one fell swoop. Insert happy dance here. I stripped the entire room in about 15 minutes and had Matt come down to see my epic surprise. Let the renovation begin a little sooner than planned. This is how I like to get things done- NOW!

So here is where we started..

Here is where we end…IMG_2055

And, here’s the transformation in slow-mo…


First, the hunt for a life-changing wallpaper that was sure to blow every guests socks off! Wallpaper is an elusive hunt for me thus far in life. Lowe’s has nothing, unless you like damask (and I do but wasn’t feeling it for this project). Every Pinterest wallpaper suggestion seems to lead to some designer store in Europe and having never wallpapered before that was a little confusing/costly for me. I landed on some Pinterest pictures (1, 2) of this Dalmatian spot wallpaper and couldn’t get it out of my head. It was just the wild and daring print I was looking for. I stumbled onto this blog where she talked about knocking off the look with a stencil. I stole her fabulous idea and found this gem on Royal Design Studio for $43. Matt just about croaked when he heard I shelled out forty+ bucks on a stencil and that’s when I realized this better work and it BETTER look amazing or I’m in trouble! 🙂

Matt painted the room white four times (that’s another story for another day). I used a quart of black paint to do the stenciling. This stencil site gives directions on how to use a roller brush and offload your paint onto a paper towel. I started off as a good student and realized I’d be buried in this bathroom if I kept going at that pace. I ran to Michael’s (only because it was Sunday. I love you Hobby Lobby!!!). I picked up a five pack of stencil brushes by Martha Stewart. I wanted some that I knew wouldn’t shed bristles and would be the most high quality. Her stuff is always the best! I only had one shot at this doing black on top of white and couldn’t mess things up. I ended up using the fattest stencil brush, dabbing it in the paint, swirling it on another plate so it wasn’t too wet, and dabbing every spot on the stencil TWICE! And, that was the fast way! It got tricky bending the stencil in the corners so I ended up making up the spots as best I could with a paint brush. After each use I’d lay the stencil out on butcher paper to dry for a minute or two. During that time, I’d go back over certain spots with a small paint brush to correct bleed-through (it’s inevitable). I never washed the stencil once. Any more steps to this process and it never would have been completed. If I were to do this again, I don’t think I’d do the stencil only because it was SO incredibly time-consuming but now that I did, I’m SO glad. I love the way it turned out.


The vanity started out as this tan antique piece and right away I knew I wanted to chalk paint all but the countertop with a pop of color. I was so inspired by an instagram friend’s bright green bistro table that I decided to hunt down something similar. I found my final choice at The Market and was thankful the shop owner’s assistant was there setting up. Although they were out of Easton Green in the cans, they had it available in spray paint. I’d never heard of “spray” chalk paint before but she assured me it worked the same way and would do the job perfectly. I’ve had horrible experiences with spray paint- spotting, drips, runs, bla, bla, bla. She told me the trick is to spray in straight lines and continue in the same direction. She said to wipe down my surface first, apply one coat, and THAT’S IT! No priming, no finishing. It worked like magic and I feel like I need to send this kind lady a thank you card for changing my DIY world. We added these fun gold knobs from Hobby Lobby and decided to go ahead and mix metals for more pizazz.


My friend was taking a trip to Ikea anyway so I put my order in for these 9X11 white frames that we also used in the gallery wall going up our stairs. They’re just modern and sleek and don’t detract from what’s inside the frames. You can never beat an ikea price tag either! 😉 I followed a Pinterest link scavenger hunt to these free printables. I knew I wanted to bring in some hot pink colors and typography. The options were so hard to choose from so I printed out twelve and may be I’ll rotate them when I get bored. I just printed them at a UPS store on their color paper and they turned out great ($4). Pro-tip: right click, get info, check to see if resolution is above 1,000. If yes, it’ll print well (thanks Lauren!). My handy-man had these hung after a few simple calculations and voila!




3 thoughts on “My Cruella de Vil Bathroom Makeover

  1. Gloria says:

    Love this bathroom makeover! Such an upgrade! I so feel your pain about wallpapering, finding stuff that is. All the stuff I REALLY want is crazy expensive and I have such a tiny space! I’ve resorted to buying large sheets of specialty papers online that I’m attempting to “convert” to wallpaper. We’ll see how that goes….


    • angieandjodi says:

      Thank you!! We used Valspar. I’m not sure the name but we just asked for the standard flat white house paint. I think it’s the one they have already on the shelves and can just mix up for you. The spots are the same thing only plain black by Valspar also.


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