Our Week in Snapshots


Spring weather is finally here!! We’ve been living outside as much as we can! We busted out Emmy’s wubble bubble ball-so fun! Emmy was Matt’s big helper getting our yard all ready for Spring. She carried sticks like a champ and stuck with him the whole way. Matt took Friday off and we started our weekend early with some breakfast at BBD’s. Later that night we got a date night at the Oiler’s game with some of his co-workers and a lot of regretful eating choices. πŸ™‚ so yummy though! We got to celebrate another fun birthday at BounceU with little buddies and ended the night grilling outside at Angie’s. Ah.. love that evenings spent out back are beginning!


It was a busy week ofΒ outdoor fun and fresh air! We watched Daddy play in a soccer tournament, perused the zoo and walked to the park. It was also birthday central! We celebrated with 4 friends- two BounceU parties and a double party at the roller rink. The kidsΒ are cupcake-d out… or at least this Momma is!Β In celebration of Spring Break, Norah and I had a girl-date at the ice rink. This girl LOVES ice skating! She never gives up and is determined to do everything by her herself. She’s always on a mission! On Saturday night, we went to a beautiful wedding. Norah was in awe- she loved the bride and dancing the night away. At bedtime, she said, “Mom, I feel like tonight was a dream! I really feel like maybe I just dreamed it all!”Β πŸ™‚

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