Emersonisms XI

*Matt was in bed with a sore throat one afternoon so I told Emmy we should pray for him. Her prayer had me holding back my laughter…

“Lord, Heal Daddy and his cough. He’s a good man. And… praise God for everything… that we have in our hands. AMEN!”

*”I will give the TV a hug to turn on my favorite show!”

*Me: “Guess who I ran into at the gym? Uncle H.J. was exercising to get big and strong like superman!” E: “Ohhh… like Emmy?!”

*My dad came up to Emmy as she was working on some puzzles and said, “Oh Em, you’re so sweet. You’re such a cutie pie” She responds, “Ya, but I have BAD BREATH!” He didn’t understand and asked her to repeat herself. She says, “I have bad breath! See- HAAAA!” (breathes heavily for him to smell) No idea where she came up with this one but it seems she was letting him know that she may be great but she’s not perfect. 😉IMG_1817

*At Gram and Pa’s house, she found a picture of me trying on my wedding dress at the bridal store. My mom said she carried the pic around the house all day. She asked her, “do you want me to find a frame for this picture of mommy and you can keep it on your bedroom dresser?” E says, “NO, I want to go and put it into my bed and keep it forever!” After they dropped her off at home that night she immediately showed Matt and told him, “I’m going to put this in my bed right now!” and ran right upstairs.IMG_1818*After a beautiful sunny day of school I was asking Em in the car, “Did you go outside to play on the big playground?” She told me they just stayed inside. I said, “What!? I can’t believe they didn’t take you outside!” She responded in her most sincere voice, “Oh! I’m sorrrrry!! They just didn’t open the doors! I’m sorry, Mom!”

*After downing a pancake at BBD’s this morning we get up to leave and she exclaims all on her own, “I SURE liked this!”IMG_1780

*I came into the bathroom to help Emmy after a number 2. She tells me, “See how I do this mommy! (Grunts loudly with tight fists) That’s how I do it!” 🙂

*In her most animated superwoman voice: “I will chase Tucker and I will run with my fast feet!”IMG_1804

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