Our Week in Snapshots


The last week of winter wonder (we hope!) travelled through the area last week. We got lots of ice, a few inches of snow and even a snow day! We made the most of the cold and then watched it fade away with happy hearts. Bring on spring and sunshine! Our highlights this week: Josh went to NYC with some friends, Norah got her third ever hair cut, Jonah loved meeting the turtle at Heather’s school, I sufferedΒ through Kayla Instines Week 10, we went to a dollar movie as a family, and ended the week with a birthday celebration.


This week was pretty laid back for our family. We got to celebrate my friend Mine’s big birthday with a couple dinners out. We got some cousin time in and explored the book fair at an elementary school in town. We’ve been working on re-doing our downstairs 1/2 bath so I’ve become intimately acquainted with it over the last few days. Hunting down some stuff for the renovation at the Market and Em saw this dog statue and said, “Take my picture, Mom!!!” πŸ™‚ The kids spent yesterday playing at my mom’s while I continued painting and they came home in these new outfits. πŸ™‚ Love it!

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