Oachita National Forest

A couple weeks ago, Josh and I celebrated 9 years of marriage and 14 years of being together. It blows me away to think that we have been together nearly half of our lives! We’re definitely well on our way to winning the Waterfall Dance at weddings. 🙂

To celebrate our special day, we left the kids with family and jumped in the car for a little getaway to the Oachita National Forest. Traveling through the Oklahoma countryside was just beautiful! The edge of the forest looks like Colorado in the summer- rolling mountains, curving roads and countless turnoffs for hiking trails. What a sense of instant refreshment!IMG_6091

As we pulled into Eagle Creek Escape, we both had smiles spread across our faces. Our cell phones were out of range, there were no computers or wifi connections and all we could hear was the gentle breeze rustling through what was left of the leaves on the trees.


Our little cottage surpassed our expectations! The one bedroom unit had a fully furnished kitchen, a two person hot tub on the balcony and a dreamy over-sized shower/steam room overlooking the creek outside. The bed felt like heaven and views were without compare. The whole aura was just magical.

We spent the first evening hiking along the trails on property. We sat and watched the rippling creek, talked about Martin Luther King Jr. (Josh’s newest read), and reminisced over the last nine years. We’ve celebrated each year in a different fashion, adding to the memories and checking places off our travel list. No matter where the journey takes us, being in each other’s embrace is the happiest place to be!

Over next couple days, we explored various mountain trails, ate BBQ at CJs Corner Store (“the only store within 30miles” according to a local), went fishing, cooked together, read books, watched movies, sat in the hot tub and talked more than we have in a year. We covered subjects that needed attention, discussed conspiracy theories, and laughed at new inside jokes.

Walking away from a wonderful getaway, I stand so thankful for the amazing man I married. He is loving and kind, he is patient and gentle, he is funny and determined. He is always up for an adventure. He sees the very best in everyone. He genuinely seeks to be the love of God to the world.

He is my best friend. I couldn’t ask for anyone better to share my life with. He is amazing!

Happy 9th Anniversary, Josh!


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