Our Week in Snapshots


We’ve been trying to stay busy during these snow days, that I have to say I’m totally done with. Kids and winter is just no where near as great as summer. We entertained ourselves by trying a new Open Gym (which was a total hit), exploring the Children’s Museum, trying new recipes, and cheering for the ORU eagles in their last basketball game of the season. We celebrated a friend and her twin boys with the most adorable nautical snow-day baby shower. It was so great to spend a morning sipping tea with girlfriends! On Friday, Tuck took a nap on my chest which absolutely never happens so I was in absolute cuddle heaven. So thankful for another week of fun with my babies. Now I just need all this snow to melt and the sun to start shining so we can hit the parks and pools! 🙂


We joined the Smith fam for lots of entertainment this week. My favorite moment of the week was watching Jonah fly off into the foam pit at open gym, yelling, “SUPAH-MAAN!” Norah kept up with his bravery, doing flips off the bar and landing in giggles. Later in the week, we had a fun playdate with sweet friends. I laughed til I cried at how serious Norah and Reese were with their make-up (nose, forehead and even ears needed some color.) Sweet girls! Aunt Tori stayed a couple days with us- we are just SO thankful for her and love her so much. She taught Norah how to draw a star and they practiced walking like a model- having a 19 year old aunt is just the best! Our Taste of Summer event was a huge hit.. and it even snowed. Who doesn’t love shaved ice in the sno!?!

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