Current #Momlife Favorites

These are a few of our favorite things…
Sodastream Water Carbonator– This was Matt’s birthday present and I’ll admit I thought it was a dumb idea and kind of thought we’d never really use it. Now I’m eating (er.. drinking) my words every single day because it’s truly delicious! We squeeze fresh lime juice into our bubbly water and pair it with some almonds or pistachios for the perfectly healthy nightly snack.

Dragons Love Tacos, The Book with No Pictures– Fun new books are always a good idea. Both of these keep Emmy giggling like crazy. The Book with No Pictures was a Juarez Christmas gift and it’s genius, written by Novak from the Office.

Octonauts- Another Juarez suggestion! Just when I thought I couldn’t watch another episode of Jake and the Neverland Pirates Angie told me about Octonauts (Check Netflix). It’s an undersea adventure show where the characters rescue, save, and protect sea creatures and they learn about all kinds of animals. It’s right up Em’s alley with all this superhero, save the day stuff. 🙂

Mac’s Saint Jermaine Lipstick– An Amber favorite that’s now one of mine. It’s the perfect shade for a pop of color that makes you feel pulled together even if you’re not.

e.l.f Makeup Brushes– I’ve been experimenting with this grocery store brand for a while and I actually have really loved all their products. Everything is priced SUPER cheap (like  $1-$3) so you feel like you really can experiment. I’ve been most surprised by their brushes. Loving them!

Critter Clinic– Best little birthday present! It comes with all kinds of doors and keys which means entertained little fingers. It’s a favorite for all the cousins.

Nike Flyknit Running Shoes– I’m loving my new shoes and the motivation they give me. I’ve been living in workout clothes so they’re getting lots of use.

Blue Diamond Almonds- These are the perfect healthy snack to keep in your purse. They satisfy my craving for something salty and give me energy when I’m out and about with the kids. Keeps me from diving into their crackers! 😉

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