Our Week in Snapshots


SNOW DAYS! We only get a few, but for the Juarez fam, they are literally answered prayer. Our little ones love, love, love them! We’ve soaked them up- sledded til the grass showed through and soaked every pair of gloves we own! The kids have been the best of buddies. I keep catching them giggling and cuddling… and my heart just melts.

Josh and I celebrated our 9th Anniversary. I am so thankful for this wonderful man that I get to call my husband! He is just amazing.


This week brought lots of snow so we had to break out the sleds again. Brr! I got my biennial haircut this week and I am feeling SO much lighter with all these short laters. Now, it’s time to grow it back out for another two years. 🙂 Emmy had an exhausting second day of school. When Matt and I picked her up in the afternoon she was the only little sleeper left with all the lights on and kids running around. She was in a daze the whole ride home and slept for over three hours once she made it to her bed. I think she plays hard! 😉 While Ang and Josh were driving home from their anniversary getaway we had the cousins over for a play day. My house was absolutely DESTROYED and filled with lots of giggles! Saturday morning was spent registering with my best for her baby boy twins on the way. We’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time so it was pretty special to be there swiping a million and one things. I thought you needed a lot for just one baby! Sunday was spent in total Okie fashion- eating breakfast at Cracker Barrel and buying a truck. 🙂 I could not be happier for my husband, who has been driving my junker Jetta for the last four years without complaint. He is a rock star and looks super hot in his new ride!

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