First Day of School! First Day of School!

Lord, help me. How is it my first little baby has a backpack on and is posing by the front door?? I’ve been fighting this overly dramatic urge to burst into tears over her new adventure all week. Angie and I started Jonah and Emmy in a Mother’s Day Out program once a week. Knowing they’re in class together gives me so much peace. They love each other and look out for one another so sweetly. In the days leading up to school Emmy kept telling me, “I’m gonna share my sandwich with Jonah and he can use my blanket during nap time and we’ll slide together”. When we woke on school day, both the kids were giddy with excitement!

Here we go!

Sadly, Matt was out of town on a work trip but we had a whole entourage of grandparents and cameras snapping this big event. 🙂

Emerson is using Norah’s old nap mat which she calls her, “nap map”. We asked what her favorite part of school was and she said, “sleep!”. Haha! Jonah said he loved playing cars and trains with Emmy. He loved meeting his new friends and eating his “wunch”. They were both so brave and had a a great day. I’m looking forward to all the fun Em will have making friends and this one day a week I now have to give Tucker some one-on-one time. Life is moving full speed ahead and these kids are so much more ready than I am, that’s for sure!

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