Our Week in Snapshots


The kids had lots of cousin time including 3 sleepovers in a row! 🙂 New Hope had their big Mardi Gras event on Friday night so most of the week was spent preparing decorations and setting up. Monday was a family party in honor of sweet little Jonah-man. Tucker was getting down to “I love you, YAYAYA!” on the guitar most of the night. I love how he does the splits while he jams out. He is stealing our hearts everyday with his personality coming to life. This age is just the best! Later in the week was Emmy and Jonah’s very first day of school (HUGE mom life milestone). More to come on that later but they loved it and were just so sweet together on their new adventure. The Mardi Gras Masquerade was a huge success and I’m so glad lots of money was raised for these kids. They had live painting for a silent auction and I’m super excited about my Oklahoma shaped floral watercolor by Gloria. It’s amazing! Valentines we switched Angie and Josh for breakfast and dinner dates. After all four kids were sound asleep my Valentine ran to Braums for our evening’s highlight. He knows the way to my heart! We ended the weekend with a party for our friend Rafa whose now one. He is just about the cutest thing and the kids loved giving him some help with his smash cake. 😉


Our week pretty much aligned with the Smith fam- we joked about just moving in together. 😉 Jonah loved doing a family celebration on Monday. A home-made Thor cake was a dream come true! Jonah starting MDO was another highlight. He was very excited to meet new friends and show his teachers the “Bath Bomb Valentines” we made for them. He assured me many times that his teachers would say, “Oh Jonah, you made this! I (wahve) love it!” The New Hope Mardi Gras party and a date night at The Ridge were super amazing- two date nights in one week! The fun week ended with a birthday celebration for sweet Rafa. So much love this week!

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