Our Week in Snapshots


We had a fun-filled week of playing with friends! On Monday, we had a play-date with school friends that turned into a #dreamday with a sweet friend. Who doesn’t love lunching downtown and munching on Glacier chocolates?? We soaked up the warm weather with lots of hiking and exploring. Our kiddos are the best adventurers! Jonah told me many times, “I just wahh-ve hiking!” On Sunday night, Norah and Daddy had a very special date to “The Ball” at church. Norah was just gleaming! She sure does love her Daddy… and dancing… and sweet friends! When I told Jonah we could have a date night while they were gone, Jonah immediately said “(let’s go) Upstairs! There’s lots of toys up there!” πŸ™‚


This week was kind of a bust for us. The kids got pink eye and I got strep throat. 😦 We spent most of our days at home trying to get better (my least favorite way to spend the week). Pops came in for a visit over the weekend. Emmy was SO excited. We spent the entire weekend playing at home with him and baby Georgia and fam. Loved all the beautiful weekend weather! Hurry up Spring!

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