Our Week in Snapshots


After a rough weekend in Dallas, we spent the week recovering. Lots of TV, sleep and laundry… ugh, we’re ready for summer! We celebrated Jonah’s 3rd birthday with donuts and all kinds of super-hero toys. He was SO excited to be THREE! We now play “bad guys” and super-heros for hours on end. 🙂 Jonah’s most special present was the “Batman Ladder” he had been asking for since Christmas. Josh made it for him (even hand painted the Batman logo) and it is perfect! Jonah carries it around so he can jump into bed or reach the garage door opener. Emmy and Jonah had a blast celebrating their birthdays with friends at BounceU. Jonah was in heaven! This fearless little man was running everywhere, red faced and soaking in every moment. He flew off the jumping ledge, while clapping his hands so he could “fly like Suuuu-pah MAN!”


We LOVED the gorgeous weather this week. Playing at the park makes me so excited for Spring! The kids are at such great ages to run and play together. We had lots of fun play dates with little buddies and Jonah turned THREE! I rewarded myself with some bright new running shoes after making it through the first month of Kayla Itstines guide. It’s been so tough but so rewarding! These pretty new shoes should help me make it through the next 8! 🙂 Saturday we had Jonah and Emmy’s birthday party at Bounce U! The kids had a ball and it was the easiest party I’ve ever thrown (yay for that). More to come on their big bash. Superbowl Sunday was spent with friends and watching Tucker and Kenzie dance to the half-time show on the coffee table was the highlight! So cute!


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