Our Week in Snapshots (X2)


We did story time at Pottery Barn Kids with great friends and attempted to take group photos with the kids which is always eventful. We did a triple date night dinner to celebrate Matt’s birthday and Josh’s birthday from last year that we never officially went out for. We had several fun cousins outings to Whole Foods, Target, and the mall. Angie and I are looking into an MDO program for Jonah and Em (scary/exciting)! Matt and I got a date night at the Toyland Ball- always fun to see friends in fancy dresses and support the Parent Child Center. We had a big day of celebration for Emmy turning three, including some time at the park on a beautiful day (getting SO excited for Spring)! On Monday morning Tuck got his first professional haircut and we did a trip to the zoo with lots of little buddies. They were so adorable, exploring the world hand-in-hand with lots of giggles, squeals, and of course- snacks. The kids used Em’s new guitar from Gram to put on a rock show for me- most adorable thing ever. On Wednesday we painted daddy a new birthday mug at Purple Glaze and finally picked up our Christmas ornaments. Thursday we did some birthday shopping with Jonah and Angie and the kids were in full on pretend mode the entire time, storming the mall to take down the bad guys. Look out world, here come Super-Emmy and Super-Jonah!! 🙂 Friday night was the scariest night of motherhood thus far! I heard Tucker choking on the monitor as we were falling asleep, rushed in to help him, and ended up calling 9-1-1 and having an ambulance come to the house. Poor little guy was gasping for air as we tried every trick we knew and felt completely helpless and absolutely panicked. I was a basket-case! His happy face the next day was even more precious to me. The kids have been sick the whole weekend so we ended up skipping our birthday date for Matt in favor of staying home with our kiddos. Hopefully we can make it up soon! I love my birthday boy and he deserves the biggest night out of fun and laughter!


A busy two weeks, for sure! We loved play dates with friends, spending time with the cousins and spending as much time outside as possible! Last week, we had a wonderful family church/exploring time at Turkey Mountain. We loved reading Pslams 103 on the rocks and hearing the kids interpretation of David’s praise. Looking forward to many more days of warm weather fun!

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