Emersonisms X

These are long overdue. This girl has been cracking us up daily with her hilarious comments. I only wish I could remember them all! Here’s a few that actually got written down..

*After rushing to get out of the house one morning, we pulled out of the garage and Em asks me, “Do you want to talk about how much I love Jesus?” 🙂

*E has been loving eating cheese by itself. After cutting her a slice she tells me, “Tucker likes his cheese in a bottle”

*During Christmas time we were listening to the radio in the car. A song came on talking about the baby in the manger and Em went off singing and adding her own words to the song, “And his mom’s name was Marrrry and his dad’s name was JOFUS!!!” Made me bust out laughing out loud.

*Angie and I went on a tour of a MDO for Emmy and Jonah. The director was introducing herself to the kids and Emmy says, “This is my brother, Tucker, but we call him BOBO!” Angie and I couldn’t help but crack up. I have no idea where this came from! I have wondered for the last year and a half what the heck BOBO is because she randomly says it and it’s usually when she’s trying to make Tuck laugh but we have never once called him BOBO! 🙂 (may be that’s what she hears when we say bubba?)

* She just got a “Jake sword” for her birthday and has been in constant pirate pretend mode ever since. Tucker wasn’t enjoying being hit by the foam sword very much in the car so I asked her not to do that anymore and she said, “Okay, I’ll just pet him with it.” (He didn’t like that much either 😉 )

*Em has “discovered” how to pick her nose (ick). She started digging while watching a show with my dad. She looked up at him with her booger in hand and said, “I just don’t need this in my nose anymore.”IMG_8069

*Emmy always has a blast at her sleepovers with Gram and Pa. Last time they did puzzles the entire time and my parents gave her a new name, “Puzzler!” She loved being called this and has really taken it seriously. 🙂 While driving in the car I told her, “Emerson, I love you! You are my sunshine!” Her response- “No! I not a sunshine! I’m a PUZZLER!” And, later this week she tells me, “I’m a puzzler girl and Tucker’s just some boy..” haha!

Found these selfies on my phone of Emerson Claire…

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