Our First Day with a THREE year old!

Yesterday was so much fun celebrating our big girl turning THREE YEARS OLD! We started the morning serenading our princess with the birthday song and opening presents. We tried adding some rainbow sprinkles to these “clean-eating pancakes”, added whip cream, and strawberries for one epic birthday breakfast!

We spent the afternoon exploring the aquarium and the park. This beautiful weather in the middle of January is just what the doctor ordered. The whole day just made me so excited for the phase of life we’re entering. Tuck is no longer crawling or running away at the park. They both oohed and ahed at all the aqua life, climbed every ladder and rode every slide. My kids are growing up and life is getting way easier as the parents.

This face!!!
IMG_8418Little princess in the shark tank..
After naps we had family over for a little party in Emmy’s honor. Em told me a week ago that she really wanted a strawberry cake with chocolate. She’s been asking me on a regular basis, “Is it time to eat my cake now!?” When she came downstairs and saw this tower of deliciousness I think her eyes almost popped out of her head. She was thrilled!

IMG_8406IMG_8205After a day of sugar-overload and a nap time spent playing in bed, this girl was hanging by a thread all the way through presents. We attempted a cousins picture but the tears were inevitable so Angie had the fabulous idea of having everyone join in with their best crying faces which of course turned into laughter. 🙂

Jammin out on her new pink guitar. She’s kindly gifted Tucker her blue one from last birthday so they can start a band. 🙂 IMG_8293Em’s been in love with her new “Jake sword” and has been in full pretending mode ever since! She always makes me Izzy and Tucker, Cubby and we have to say our lines and go on adventures with her. 🙂 I’m so thankful for family that loves on our Emerson and is there for these special moments. It was a great day with family!

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