Long Hair, Don’t Care

Now that my hair’s beginning to reach pentecostal proportions, some friends have been asking me to post my tips for growing my hair out. I never thought I had any special tricks or advice to offer but may be my tricks are actually the things I DON’T do. Sometimes I think the problem is “caring” for our hair too much.

Cuts. Undoubtedly, I would credit my success in growing my hair long to avoiding hair cuts. I understand wanting to keep your ends healthy but I’d recommend only trimming when necessary. I probably don’t trim mine as often as I should but hey, it’s working! How can your hair ever grow if you just keep cutting it?

Washing. I wash my hair about once a week. Yikes. Some of you germ-a-phobe friends probably just lost a lot of respect for me. My hair tends to be pretty dry so I can get away with it for longer. It styles so much better when it’s a little dirty. Apparently constant shampooing can really damage your hair which makes it harder to grow as well. So I’ve heard from professional friends- you can train your hair to require washing less often if you’re a “wash every day” kinda girl.

Heat. I stopped blow drying my hair after it got to a certain length. I probably bust out the blow dryer a few times a year since it seems to take an eternity to do. My hair has a lot of natural wave especially when I sleep on it wet so I’m able to just curl pieces here and there rather than holding heat on certain pieces for too long. Sleeping in braids can also give you some wave to work with in order to avoid using lots of heat.

Now, I wish I had some advice on how to keep kids from tugging on your ends or wrapping your fly aways in their sticky little fingers. I completely understand why the “mom hair cut” is the mom hair cut. But, I’ve simply refused to chop off my hair. One day this phase will be over and I’ll be glad I didn’t, right!? However, I am a huge fan of change and I’ve had the itch for the adorable “lob” for a long time now so we’ll see what happens… 🙂

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