A Very Juarez Christmas

Since being a mom, every holiday seems to have swelled in fascination. The fireworks burst louder and brighter, the plastic eggs hold new memories and secret treasures, the birthday candles cackle noisily- seemingly crying with you that another year has passed and yet, laughing with giddy anticipation of the year to come. Christmas holds the pinnacle of fantasy. Surrounded by family, nostalgia, lights and the reminder of a love greater than we can imagine…Christmas is nothing short of magical.

While our family doesn’t recognize Santa or play with an Elf, our kids felt no lack of enchantment this season. From the cold November morning that we spent decorating our home, to shopping for loved ones, to the tears when all the Christmas decor was hauled up to the attic- they soaked in every moment of festivity. When is Christmas coming again??

On the 23rd, we celebrated our Christmas Eve. Both Josh and I traditionally opened one gift on Christmas Eve and we love carrying on this tradition with our little ones. Jonah was beyond excited to FINALLY get his hands on those presents that had been tempting him for weeks.

When it was Mommy’s turn to open a Christmas Eve present, Jonah excitedly “proposed” with the gift he had for me. “I love you va-eey much,” he proclaimed nodding his head. Melt this Mommy heart. When Josh took him out to shop for me a couple weeks ago, he ran in the house with a J David Jewelery bag and came to give me a big hug. “I ‘dot you a ‘race-let!!!” Josh and I just laughed. To much anticipation for a big 2 year old!


The next morning, the 24th, was our Christmas morning. Norah burst into our room, “c’mon… aren’t you SO excited!? Let’s go wake up Jonah!!” We settled with opening an ISpy book in bed, so Jonah (and Daddy) could sleep a bit more. 🙂


Soon enough, everyone was up and ready to dive in to the fun. Jonah wanted every toy opened immediately, every book read as soon as the paper was off. Norah didn’t like knowing what she was getting before all the paper was off, so she would nonchalantly bight her lip or smile coyley as she ripped paper off without looking. The bright look on her face when she looked down was priceless!

The rest of the 24th was spent making chocolates for friends, learning to play GuessWho?, and pretending a bazillion different scenarios of “bad guys.” It was perfect.

On Christmas morning, we jumped in the car and headed to Mimi and Pop’s house. I wish I could put words to the kid’s energy- they were so caught up in eager reverie. Giving gifts and opening surprises- every moment was one I wished I could freeze for a moment.

After a delicious breakfast, some playtime and lots of cuddles, we headed home for naps (Mom and Dad included). Resting up, after all the fun, was much needed.

Soon enough, we were back in the car and on our way to The Epic King Family Christmas (it feels like it deserves to be a title.)

Christmas 2014- you were nothing short of magical!

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