Our Week in Snapshots


This week has had some crazy highs and lows! Charlie (our new puppy) is so super sweet but a lot of work on top of these two kids. I’ve been in a nonstop state of juggling my attention between crying babies, a yipping pup, and lots and lots of bodily fluids that don’t belong to me. 🙂 #momlife at its finest! Thursday night was my favorite of the week. We had a gender reveal party for my best friend, who’s expecting twins. It’s been a long journey full of lots of tears and disappointments so, to see her and her husband in this moment of sheer joy was the best. It’s such a reminder of God’s faithfulness and goodness. These TWO BOYS are already SO loved by so many! Matt kicked me out of the house for some girl time on Saturday night since I wasn’t handling the day very well. The last straw was Em deciding to rip up her Bible during nap time just for fun while the dog pooped on the floor (ayayay). It was a blast having random hang time with Mine’ and Angie. We did a pedicure in our sweatpants and Keo in our foam flip flops afterwards. 🙂 We laughed all night over ancient memories and I came home feeling totally recharged and ready to be the family pooper scooper, ouchie kisser, and all around happy person once again. Also, we got this picture of Matt as a little boy from his mom this week and I cannot believe how alike him and Tucker look!


It was a week of re-adjustment into schedules and school for the Juarez family. We went back to early bedtimes and consistent naps… oh, life. We ventured out to the Discovery Lab with Daddy, had a family dinner and met the newest Smith (dog) baby. Our sweet friends, Dustin and Mandy, came in town. The kids just adore having funny friends in the house. Mine and Cody’s gender reveal party was definitely the highlight of the week!

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