The Medicine Cabinet

In the midst of germ season, knowing how to treat a virus can be difficult. There are sundry medication options- many have age and dosage specific information, many replace each other, many our pediatricians never mention to us. Did they forget what it is like to be up all night with a sick baby? 

From being a mom with a bachelor’s degree in nursing, to landing more on the “crunchy” side of motherhood, I have found my happy balance of both allopathic and natural medications that work for my kids. In our home, we let our bodies fight as strongly as possible and use medication when needed. We believe in living life full of energy and health.

The following is my “must keep on hand” list for surviving the germ-season. If you have questions or concerns, please contact your pediatrician before administering any medical product to your child. I am not an expert, I am only sharing what has worked in my experience as a Mommy.

OTC Medication:

1. Mucinex-



For little ones under the age of 4, check with your Pediatrician for their recommendation. My doctor suggested plain Mucinex (100% Guifenssian), 1/2tsp twice a day.

Use: when congestion is thick, nose is plugged or cough is tight. Mucinex will loosen mucous and create drainage.



2. Dimatap-




For little ones under the age of 6, check with your Pediatrician for their dosing recommendation.

Use: for runny nose, loose cough, excessive sneezing. Dimetap will dry mucous up.



3. Fever reducer- Tylenol and Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin)



Dose according to packaging and age requirements. Can be used in combination with each other; however, a fever is a healthy body response to infection. Administer based on child’s comfort and ability to rest.

Use: for high fevers, headaches, and chest tightness (Ibuprofen only).


4. Saline Spray- 



Can be used on all ages. Loosens mucous and helps little ones blow. Use with the Nose Frida for best results (if you dare ;)).

Use: for all cold and allergy symptoms.



5. Airbornne Gummies-



These have many immune boosters in them for the season and they taste yummy too. For children ages 4+.

Use: for daily health maintenance and immune support.



Natural Products:

1. Sinupret-




Supports the respiratory and immune systems. Safe for ages 2+. Can be purchased on or at some Whole Foods locations. This is my new favorite!  I give it first for all types of congestion and move onto OTC medications if we do not see improvement.



2. D-Hist


Chewable approved for children.  When my doctor suggested we keep my son on allergy medication throughout the spring and fall, we dealt with anxious behavior. I knew we needed an alternative. Fall of 2014 was our first season to use D-Hist daily and my son never experienced the anxiety of OTC medications or allergy symptoms- the constant sneezing/watery eyes/tight chest symptoms.


3. Probiotics


Choose a good probiotic. Keep refrigerated. Use daily for improved immunity. Studies show a link between a healthy gut and an effective immune system. Probitocs are also a great choice for treating diarrhea and dealing with antibiotic side-effects. BioGaia also makes probiotic drops for infants and these great straws!

4. Oils


I’m a believer.  I tried oils out of desperation when my son had a never-ending stomach bug. I was annoyed at the mess and odd smells, at first. Then, this year, we decided to be thorough and use Thieves oil (immune booster) daily on the kids feet. We saw a huge improvement in their immune strength.

My suggestions for oils:

1. Put your favorite mixes in a roller-bottle with carrier oil to avoid the mess.

2. Don’t treat them like the holy grail (use real medication when needed).

3.Put them on the feet, with socks, to mask the odd smells.

4. Begin with a starter kit of some-kind, it will give you the basic oils to use on everyday ailments.

5. Do your research. Some oils are “hot”, some are not safe for children or pregnant/nursing women, some are very expensive. There are many many choices!

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