A Day in the Snow

Saturday morning we woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland. Usually Em isn’t a big fan of snow so I didn’t have super high hopes for our sledding adventure. Matt ran out to pick up our sleds while I ran all over the house searching for mittens, hats, boots, and tons of layers. Man, getting out of the house with kids (even just to the backyard) can be so hard! Em followed me around the entire time asking with excitement, “Can I build a snowman now!?”IMG_6534IMG_6507IMG_6536IMG_6498We were SO pleasantly surprised to see the smiles and giggles from these two playing in the snow, especially Tucker! Matt sent him riding down our back hill all on his own and he loved it. He would climb off at the bottom and try to hike back to the top immediately. IMG_6503IMG_6496This face!IMG_6504IMG_6513 IMG_6516IMG_6526

IMG_6524IMG_6528After several runs down the hill it was time to build Emmy’s snowman. It was so precious to watch these three work so hard together on their masterpiece. E was pretty proud of her new friend and I was pretty proud of my girl for learning to love the snow! 
IMG_6502IMG_6518IMG_6517 IMG_6501IMG_6512 IMG_6510IMG_6497Looking forward to a few more snow days with these precious littles. 🙂

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