Christmas Morning at the Smith’s

Matt and I were busy little elves on Christmas Eve. Somehow I roped him into cutting hundreds of paper chains and snowflakes with me. I wanted to deck the path to the Christmas tree so the morning would be even more magical for the kids. We had so much fun with our secret project, knowing how wowed Em would be.IMG_6361 IMG_6360 IMG_6362I saw this idea to use red crepe paper for their doors so they get to bust through in the morning. I love Emmy’s reaction to it all in this video…

Em was the only one who would hold still for a photo in front of the tree before presents. IMG_6353IMG_6351Our morning was so much fun! Em could hardly wait to open all her presents. I think her favorite gift was definitely the microphone from Grandma and Pops. She spent the rest of the afternoon telling funny jokes and leading worship for us. IMG_6246IMG_6348IMG_6327 IMG_6328IMG_6333IMG_6331 IMG_6329Tucker just wanted to ride his airplane around the house and seemed confused about all the fuss. 🙂IMG_6369Per tradition, I made a quiche (recipe here– so delicious!!!) and orange cinnamon rolls. YUM!

IMG_6324IMG_6325We had to couple cinnamon rolls and stockings to keep this guy interested in presents. May be next year! 😉

IMG_6326Talk about surprised! I didn’t see this one coming at all! My sweet husband was pretending not to listen when I was telling him about the Amber Fillerup tutorial on Victoria’s Secret curls and he totally was. He watched it himself and got me everything I need to complete the look. So sweet! I’m a lucky girl…IMG_6347 And I’ve never seen someone so excited about yard work in my life. He was like a little boy with a new toy walking around with it on his back, making blowing noises. haha! So glad he loves it!IMG_6346 IMG_6350 Almost every present she opened she would say, “can I do that now!?” or “can you read it to me now!?”…IMG_6352Our homemade version of “playing in the snow…”IMG_6244 IMG_6243 IMG_6322After lots of play time with all their new stuff it was off to nap time before we headed to Gram and Pa’s house for round 2. Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas too! 🙂

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