Our Week in Snapshots (x2)


What a rough last two weeks! Our whole fam of four dealt with the flu… and is on our way to full recovery, just in time for Christmas! Before the craziness began, Norah and Gram had a great time at 2 Friends and Junk. She loved picking out her Snow White necklace! We also enjoyed our church’s Ladies Christmas Party at the Mayo. It was a beautiful event and Norah was very proud of herself for “acting like a Mommy.” We hibernated with some miraculous Tamiflu for the next few days, crafting and watching Christmas shows on TV. Ugh! It was a VERY long several days, but we beat our fevers just in time to join Norah’s class Christmas Party. I am SO very thankful for Norah’s sweet teacher and precious friends. She loves her classmates SO much! Norah and Jonah also loved volunteering at New Hope Oklahoma’s Christmas Party. Norah was so great- talking with the kids and “helping them” with our simple craft. The weekend ended with a fun-filled reception for Josh’s sister and her new husband. The kids definitely knew how to tear up the dance floor!


The last couple weeks were spent pretty sick over here as well. The kids were so happy when we finally broke out of the house just to grab some groceries. Being sick with kiddos is never fun! After our weekend away in Houston we all finally started feeling better. Sunday was spent at the Bridge’s ornament exchange at the Mayo and finished off with a baby shower for a friend. We’ve been doing lots of Christmas shopping and activities. Holidays with kids are the best!

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