He Sees You


Feel the wind whip through your hair. Let all apprehensions go. Embrace the moments. Know that you are loved. You are cherished. You are more than enough.

Somehow, this world has found the power to influence us, to tell us our worth. It has gained momentum and feasted on our thoughts. Social media sets so-called measurable data- the 100 club, with an actual emoji,  is a thing. When did we give this theoretical cast system the power to haunt our perceptions? A familiar, but unknown power tells us we are not worth it, we are not loved, we are not enough.

It is a lie.

God made us distinct. He gave us special traits, unique looks and different talents. One is no better than the other. No detail trumps another. God looks at us; He sees beauty. He sees strength. He is sees that we are enough. He is El Roi- the God who sees us.

He knows our pain. He knows our joy. He knows our valleys. He knows our mountains.

El Roi

He sees us.

So, stand in the wind. Let it whip through your hair and push against your strength. But, stand planted. Don’t let it move you. Feel the beauty He created in you gain momentum. Let fear go; trust Him to sustain you. Embrace experience- knowing that you are loved by the greatest love. You are cherished. You are seen.

You are more than enough.

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