Our Week in Snapshots


This week has been a little rough on the Smith fam. 😦 A stomach bug has worked its way through our family and now we’re battling coughs and fevers. yuck! We went ahead to the Christmas Train and even though Tuck was loving it Em just slept on daddy’s chest the whole time. We left right after our train ride and headed home to get this girl feeling better…


Norah made it in the 100 club! It was the most exciting news of our week and we immediately celebrated with after-school treats. This girl was SO proud of herself! We also visited Santa at the mall, celebrated a Tea for Two birthday party,  and participated in an EPIC gingerbread house competition (set time, glue guns and prizes). What a blast! We loved meeting our friend’s beautiful new baby. Norah even requested that I have another baby… cue the awkward questions. To end the week, we drove out to Pryor for the Christmas Train. The kiddos LOVED Dry Gulch- hot chocolate, trains and pony rides never disappoint! Norah asked, “What is this world?? I LOVE it!”

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