Skating with the Smith’s

Yesterday was a new favorite day of mine. Watching your child experience something for the first time is one of the greatest feelings for a parent. Giving your kid a moment full of excitement and wonder makes all the struggle to “get out the door” worth it.IMG_4969

Whenever we’re here in Chicago we try to make it downtown for just a few of the zillion activities they have to offer. The city is at its best during the holidays with lights everywhere, beautiful window displays, and a chill in the air. The chill was a little much for us Tulsans but ultimately worth the memories made. 🙂IMG_4989IMG_4972 IMG_4971 IMG_4990For some reason I just kind of figured I’d let Emmy skate off on the ice like no big deal. Nope. I could barely get my balance out there, let alone expect her to. Thankfully daddy was a little more coordinated than mommy and took Em on lots of laps around the rink. She was so intrigued by the whole experience and kept saying, “Whoaaaa! Let’s go again!” IMG_4981 IMG_4992
IMG_4993 IMG_4997-0Tuck was pretty upset about being as bundled as he was but made the most of it watching big sis through the glass. It’ll be your turn next year little man! 🙂 IMG_4978 IMG_4999-0 IMG_5002 I just love this girl on her little tippy toes. They smallest skates they carry are just her size. 🙂IMG_5004 IMG_5003After several very slow laps we decided we’d had enough. We took a brisk walk to view Macy’s holiday window displays before bolting to Fire Cakes and Starbucks to warm up. IMG_4970 IMG_4983 IMG_4985 IMG_4991IMG_5008 IMG_5005 IMG_5006Em wolfed down so much chocolate before we could even get situated at our table. The sugar had definitely set in by the time we took our first sips of coffee. She was giving me all kinds of crazy poses as I snapped away. We had ourselves a good laugh over her shenanigans (apologies to the interview being conducted right next to us- oops). IMG_4974 IMG_4973

The wind was really picking up by the time we finished up our treats so we bolted for the car and back to the suburbs for naps. Although, we didn’t make it out of city before these two were conked out. It was a big morning for the Smith littles. IMG_5013



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