Grammy’s 90th Surprise!

My summer days used to be spent with my cousins, swimming to the “Kings’ Island” raft and tubing in circles around the lake. We would climb to the top of the little shed, hide in the cubby-hole basement, swing from the tire swing and run around the tiny cottage like it was a castle. We loved to sit on the boat trailers and watch the uncles play round after round of horseshoes. We decorated the row boat for every 4th of July parade and played cards in the pop-up camper until our parents would finally demand it was time for bed. We nursed sun-burns, practiced our dives, shared secrets and earned our first tastes of independence. The cottage in the summertime was magical. It was full of wonder; full of fun. It was full of family.

Literally, full.

I feel so thankful for my memories- for my King family! I’m thankful for aunts and uncles that loved us all and taught us to laugh at ourselves. I’m thankful for cousins that often felt more like siblings. I’m thankful for new “married-in” cousins who add new dimension and beauty. And most of all, I’m thankful a Grandpa and Grandma, who always honored God and lead this whole amazing family with love.

Life has taken our family all across the country (soon across the world- see you in Italy, Kyle, Marian and Eliana.) Yet, when we’re brought together, it still feels like “home.”

A couple weeks ago, we were able to all come home for the first time in MANY years. My Grandma King turned 90 and to epically celebrate the milestone, an Aunt organized a super-surprise! Everyone (minus Jodi :)) met at Barothy Lodge in the quiet Michigan countryside. It was a perfect November retreat and had the essence of our magical summers the cottage. Despite the small miracles it took to everyone there, we were so blessed to have 2 days of sunshine and wonderful conversations with the King family. Seeing the family love on my kiddos made my heart swell with gratitude…. and Grammy was shocked, to say the least!

Grammy 90th

Happy 90th Birthday, Grammy! We are SO thankful for you.

After all the fun came to an end, we were able to spend just a couple more hours enjoying the beautiful Michigan fall. The kids loved playing on the beach, exploring Pentwater and dreaming of summer at Gram’s cottage. What a fun Michigan adventure!

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