Our Week in Snapshots


We spent most of the week getting into the Christmas spirit. I finally pulled out the boxes and got to decorating. These things take so much more time with two little ones to entertain and keep track of at the same time. I made this glittery deer for the mantle using metallic paint, modge podge, and gold glitter. Super easy and fun! I also made this pinecone banner and circle banner from this Pinterest inspiration. The kids made ornaments at Angies, went to lunch at Ripe Tomato (our favorite), and helped me bake cookies. The low for the week was definitely the hours Matt and I spent untangling Christmas lights only to realize our house is too tall to hang them without risking death. wawa!


The Juarez house has been eating like kings since Daddy is home and grilling. We’re making up for all the sit-down meals we missed over the last 8months :). Norah and Mommy had a girls-day on Monday- shopping, girly lunch and lots of giggles. On Friday, Norah had Grandparent’s Day at school. It was SO precious to see her smiling on stage! She was very proud to introduce Gram and Pa to her teacher and her friends. She loved Β showing off her classroom, art projects and nature studies room. We are so blessed by her sweet school!

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