Our Week in Snapshots


Has it only been a week!? In my mind it feels like much longer! Last week was one of epic moments – Jonah decided he wanted to potty train, Norah learned to read, we had our first snow,  the church fall party was a blast once again and we even celebrated my sister-in-law! More to come on the kid’s milestones, but what a fun week! Jonah and I loved having a date at Utica before the cold weather- he is so fun, loves to talk to everyone… and he is absolutely hilarious at this age. When the cold weather blew in, we huddled up inside and broke out the Christmas decor. Why not? Snow = Christmas Time. 🙂 Although we only got a couple inches, all three of my goobers (dog included) were elated. They were laughing, screaming and soaking in all they could of the cold, wet stuff we rarely see.


This week was a fun one besides a fat lip for Em and a skinned chin for Tuck :(. We finished some “Pinterest projects”, played with cousins, and even sat on Santa’s lap. He was just hanging at the mall with no line so we though, why not!? Wednesday night was the church “round-up” party. It was so much fun once again! The kids had the time of their lives dancing and running all over that church. Friday night was Jenn’s bachelorette party and we laughed til our stomachs were sore- the best! Some friends from Chicago got in Thursday night. Emmy calls AJ, ABC’s and is obsessed with him and Shirley. 🙂 We did the ORU homecoming basketball game, a sleepover with cousins, and even some play time in the first snow of the year! 🙂 We spent Sunday wearing snow hats per Emmy’s demand, sitting by the fire, and listening to her make up stories for us.

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