Pinterest Win- Felt Christmas Tree

I’m ready to start Christmas prep as soon as Halloween passes. Thanksgiving is just another celebration along the way to the biggest and best day of the year. CHRISTMAS!!! I don’t foresee myself outgrowing my childlike enthusiasm for this holiday any time soon. But, since we do real trees, it’s a little too early to start decorating the house. So, when I saw this adorable idea for a felt tree, I knew I had to do it! Emmy absolutely loves activities like this and can spend hours doing puzzles and crafts.

I found a large sheet of green felt at Hobby Lobby for the tree. I folded it in half using the corner as the top, traced half a tree with a sharpie, and cut it out. I traced and cut lots of little ornaments and presents out of felt, ribbon, and hot glue. I used sticky tack to put it up on the wall and it actually worked pretty well and made it easy to move from room to room.

Here’s a look at our fun little Christmas activity that wound up being a total Pinterest win…IMG_2552

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