Our Week in Snapshots


Matt was in DC for the first part of the week which is never fun for us. Tucker kept me on my toes the entire time climbing on any and every dangerous surface, sneaking up the stairs, and lots of tears over some new teeth popping through. 😦 My favorite part of our time together was these two cuddling during Frozen. Emmy had a dentist appointment on Wednesday morning and the kids LOVE playing in their waiting room. We were so excited to welcome Daddy home and got some Pei Wei to celebrate. Em worked so hard to use chop sticks with her chicken. 🙂 Thursday was spent having an adorable little play date with Miss Sofia. Friday we took a road trip to OKC with Josh and Angie to the Cap wedding. It was such a fun night with friends! Love a great getaway! We hit some coffee shops and outlets on the way out of town (sadly Kitchen 324 was out of cronuts!!!)


After getting home near mid-night on Monday, we spent the next couple days recovering from our wonderful weekend in Michigan. Sleeping and playing in the sunshine was just the thing we needed. Norah had a blast celebrating a school-friend’s birthday at the park! We are so thankful for the wonderful families we get to embark on this school journey with. On Friday, we headed to OKC to celebrate Gabe and Jen. It was a great wedding for some of the most fun people! What treat to spend adult time with friends too! Very thankful for Mimi and Pops, who doted on the kids and even took them to play with their cousins. We ended the week of fun with a pajama movie date to see Big Hero 6. It was a great movie- the kids LOVED it.

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