Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom

A place dedicated to fairy tales and Disney characters. The “real Disney World,” where all ages can dream, imagine and laugh together.


Walking up to the Magic Castle, both kids sat in awe! “Can we go inside?” “Where is Cinderella?” The magic of the moment was painted on their faces. Roller coasters ended up being our favorite moments of the day. Jonah LOVED the barnstormer, he was belly-laughing as the carts jerked around corners and dipped to the ground. This brave little boy loved it! At the end of the night, Norah and Daddy braved the new Seven Dwarfs ride. Norah’s face says it all… she hasn’t stopped talking about the ride for the last month.

The memories at Magic Kingdom seem endless as I look through the pictures. We loved sipping LeFou’s Brew at Gastons Tavern (delicious), but Jonah refused to even look at Gaston “betuze I not have my sword!”

We met Ariel, Cinderlla and Rapuzel. Jonah was shocked by Ariel, to the point he was hesitant. Norah loved Cinderella and how the character embraced her fancy attitude. Rapunzel was our favorite though! She had the kids searching for Pascal, asked Jonah about his new BuzzLightyear gun and even asked if the kids could come by the castle later to show Flynn. Just magical!

We did have an appointment at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique… but they don’t do “Sleeping Beauty hair.” Norah really REALLY dislikes ponytails, buns, etc. She made me promise to tell the Fairy Godmother that she wanted her hair down. We quickly realized they only do 4 hair styles and they are all bun up-dos. Norah’s lip started to quiver and she looked up at me, “But, I don’t like those. They don’t look like Sleeping Beauty and they aren’t cute!” #opinionatedchid Needless to say, we did our own princess make-over and stopped by the boutique later for glitter in the hair.

Overall, we had a great time! We rode Dumbo and did the Tea Cups. Norah did Splash Mountain with Aunt Tori and we all did A Small World.

Was it all a dream?


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