Epcot: a celebration on human achievement, culture and innovation.20141007_183244

My favorite moment of the visit was watching the kids meet Sleeping Beauty. Norah just loves this princess because she “wears her hair down” and has a pink dress. πŸ˜‰ When it was our turn to enter the gazebo, Norah’s face lit up as she ushered her brother in. They were both swept up into this magical moment! Jonah proceeded to tell Sleeping Beauty that he would save her from Malificent and Prince Phillip was his favorite. The character just played it up and gave Jonah a big kiss on the cheek for being so brave. Jonah grinned and grinned. He thought she was so pretty and then realized, “I change my mind… she beautiful! She give me a kiss cause she looooves me!” Even Norah was elated at this lipstick marks on Jonah’s cheek. Muah!

It was a long day of fun- delicious food samples, character meeting and lots of walking! Our favorite rides were the Finding Nemo, Spaceship Earth and the Mexico boat ride. We loved exploring Epcot with the fam!

For more Disney planning tips, look here.

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