Emersonisms IX

IMG_2157* We’re always singing together in the car. This time Matt and I were singing some song for her and she interrupts with, “No, stop! Let Mommy have a turn, Dad!” haha!
IMG_2158* “Can you talk in bridges, Mom?” Confused, I asked, “How do you talk in bridges?” She says, “like, hello daaaawling!” (darling). I realized she was talking about a British accent- a game her and Gram play together. Too cute!IMG_2160

* “You’re my favorite lady, Daddy.”IMG_2164

* I closed the baby gate behind me, accidentally locking Emmy out of the upstairs. I heard her calling for me to open it up and did. About an hour later we were playing with blocks downstairs and she turns to me and says, “That makes Jesus happy when you open the gate for me.” Where does she get this stuff from!?!?IMG_2168

* “Mommy, you have to hold hands with Daddy when you cross the street!”IMG_2167

* She gets super chatty when she’s tired so we usually get an earful on our drives home at night. I heard this in her ramblings the other night… “The moons got his jammies on and pulled his blankie up and is ready to go to bed”IMG_2172

* Me: “Who’s your favorite?”

Em: thinking… “Gram!”

Matt: “How bout Daddy?”

Me: How bout Jesus?

Em: “How bout Gram and Jesus!?”IMG_2173

* “Daddy has plenty of work in his office. When I was little I would work in Daddy’s office..”IMG_2175

*I was explaining to her all about the season of Fall and holidays like Thanksgiving. I told her how we would eat Thanksgiving dinner with Grandma and Pops and how they would be making lots and lots of food. Her response? “And Jesus will make the food too!” 🙂IMG_2166

* As I’m cleaning up some food she spilled on the floor she reassuringly tells me, “Xavi will get it!” (Angie’s dog). Umm.. no such luck!IMG_2161

* Emmy mentioned something about her brother and sister and I said, “You don’t have a sister, Em. Mommy would need to have another baby in her tummy for you to have a sister, bla, bla, bla…” I think she’s following me and then she just says, “Yeah, me too, Mom!” 🙂

Agh.. I love this girl!!!

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