Take me to Disney…

Our 8 day trip to Disney was so successful. When you’re talking vacation in mom-language, you know that successful is the BEST way to describe a great vacation! The kids smiled, laughed, gasped and even just sat in shock. As a word of encouragement to families with babies, traveling DOES get so so soooo much easier, the older they get!

We left Tulsa mid-morning. From experience, we have learned that early morning flights with kids are no fun. They’re tired, you’re tired. They’re hungry, you’re hungry. No flights leaving before 8am is our new rule. Vacation starts at the airport and so does the fun!


With two of our business locations closed, we had two iPads for the kids. We ordered these great cases to keep them protected. The kids loved the bright colors, being able to carry the iPads like a briefcase and propping them up on the tray tables. We also ordered these Kidz Gear ear phones. They were plenty loud for a noisy airplane and they also have a volume limit so they won’t damage hearing :).


Our next great purchase… this ride-along board! We didn’t want to bring our ginormous double BOB stroller, so we thought this would be the perfect option for our 4 year-old. It clipped on easily to the stroller and both kids loved it. Too bad I left it on a bus 3 days into our trip :(.


Doing homework at 30,000 feet is pretty cool…IMG_1497.JPG

When we arrived in Orlando, the kids were ready to run! We had races in the airport and played tag for 10min or so before we headed to the Magical Express. Getting extra energy out always makes for better listeners. 🙂


The Magical Express is Disney’s busing system. It is basically a charter bus that takes people from Orlando to their Walt Disney World Resort. How it works: you pre-book your ticket with them (at the time of your hotel booking or just call Disney to book), they send you luggage tags, from your gate at Orlando you head straight to the Magic Express buses, check in with your Magic Bands and load the appropriate bus. We stayed at Saratoga Springs and our resort ended up being the first resort stop after leaving the airport. The Magic Express picks up your bags at the airport and brings them all the way to your room.



After checking into our resort and finding our room, we headed to Downtown Disney to meet up with my husband’s family for dinner (it was a family vacation:)). Jodi’s best friend lives in Orlando and ended up being the greatest blessing to us! She picked me up Downtown Disney and took me and Josh’s mom grocery shopping while the rest of the family enjoyed the evening. It was SO wonderful to have breakfast food, snacks and sandwiches all week. Eating out with kids and/or eating restaurant food all week can be exhausting. If you don’t have an Orlando connection, I would highly suggest taking a taxi to Walmart for a week’s worth of essentials. The other option would be a service like Garden Grocer, who does the shopping for you. Totally worth it!

Our week was full of WONDERFUL experiences (and some exhausting, whiny, real-life moments too)! We loved having time with family. I loved a week with my husband. The kids LOVED the rides, the characters, the pool… really they loved it all!

By the end of the trip, the kids were exhausted! On day six, Jonah finally fell asleep in the stroller (for the first time since being an infant.) We were shocked to say the least! He was so tired, that he even transferred to my arms and kept dreaming of getting the bad guys. His eyes fluttered, he looked at me and said, “I get ‘lificent (Malificent), Mommy… I get she..” and then back to dreamland he went. Ah, a moment this Mommy-heart will treasure forever.

We were so sad to go home, but going home only means that ANOTHER adventure awaits…


5 EXTRAS to make Disney even more fun:

1. Glow Sticks: great for night-time walking, fireworks and late-night bus rides.

2. Swords, Play Shooters: my 2.5 year old loved talking to the princesses about his hero tools. He “got the bad guys” all over Disney World and always had a mission. I felt so safe with him 😉

3. Fan with a Mister: it was SO hot!

4. Dum Dums: suckers are a great distraction for lines, hunger, tiredness, etc.

5. Change of clothes: My daughter enjoyed wearing her princess dresses/shoes for a little bit, but then always hot or sweaty. Having real clothes in the stroller was perfect.

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