Our Week in Snapshots


This week was filled with lots of cousin time including: playing at the park, riding the Juarez swing, a new music class, and a mall adventure. We got to spend lots of time with friends over the weekend at a game night, soccer game, birthday party, and Halloween party. The kids just got a whole new batch of hand-me-downs from Nor and Jonah. My favorites are definitely all the adorable little boy jammies. I can’t stand how cute Tuck is every morning- melts my heart!


LOTS of cousin time…. for sure. These four just love each other! We’ve also spent lots of time memorizing shapes, numbers, and letters with our four-year old. School is a lot of work for a girl that just wants to play :). The kids got to stop by our neighborhood Fall Festival in their first costumes- Captain America and Belle. Then, we were on to the Pirates and Princess Party. The kids sure loved seeing beautiful Miss Alexa… and all the other characters too. What a fun (candy-filled) week!

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