A Lion and His Tamer

Halloween costumes are kind of a big deal around this house. I was so excited to make Emmy’s first costume, “Our little stinker”. It was full of hot glue but had us laughing pretty hard. Our favorite costumes are the funny ones for sure so the next year we had Emmy be a “Granny Smith” and do her tricker-treating with her little walker and pearls. 🙂 But, the boy who stole the show was our little scuba baby, Tucker. This year I really wanted to do coordinating costumes for the kids. We ended up deciding on a family circus theme. As soon as we told Em she was going to be a lion tamer and Tuck was going to be a lion, she said, “I needa stick to hit him with!” Ummm… I have NO idea how she knew that or where she saw that but we went with a ring of fire instead. 😉 The Pinterest inspiration for their costumes here.IMG_1830

IMG_1787 IMG_1789The kids got their first opportunity to dress up for the Bridge’s Pirate and Princess Party last night. Tuck was NOT a fan of his hilarious costume, but we were! 🙂 We borrowed it from a friend when his original costume was getting to small for him. The only thing that would keep him happy while this was on- crackers. IMG_1785 IMG_1791 IMG_1792 These lips are my favorite. 🙂IMG_1793IMG_1832IMG_1828-2For Emmy’s costume I ordered this adorable red jacket from Old Navy (on sale in store for $12 now). I didn’t want to ruin it with hot glue so I just hand stitched trim and buttons on. I’m not a sewer at all so I just did my best and prayed it wouldn’t fall apart. I ordered her top hat from Amazon and found these striped leggings at Target. Her boots were also an Amazon purchase that have quickly become her favorites because they light up when she jumps. I bought some gold Christmas garland from Hobby Lobby and hot glued it around a hula hoop for her “ring of fire”.

IMG_1777 IMG_1780 IMG_1783 IMG_1779 IMG_1781 IMG_1784 IMG_1801 IMG_1803It was so much fun to see so many adorable costumes and friends at the Pirate and Princess Party. Em loved playing games but mostly picking out candy. Her favorite treats were the “soccer candies” (suckers). Tucker got pretty hot with all those people and all that fur in his face. We ended up taking his costume off pretty early to cool the poor boy down.

IMG_1827-0 IMG_1826-0IMG_1822-1 IMG_1798-1 IMG_1800-1 IMG_1797-1 IMG_1799-1 IMG_1820 IMG_1821I can’t wait to take these kiddos trick-or-treating in their precious little costumes and this time Matt and I will join in on the circus fun too! 🙂

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