Five Carb-Free Recipes for Fall

Something about this season just makes me want to eat warm, hearty meals around the clock. While searching for new ideas on Pinterest, I’m constantly sidetracked by all the seductive pictures of “pull-apart cheesy bread” or “creamy pasta goodness”. In this house I’d be “fired” for bringing such carb-filled meals to the dinner table. We LOVE food and we LOVE snacking late at night even more. So, we’ve found the best way to be healthy and feel good is to keep junk out of the house.

I’ve been inspired by some of my girlfriends to start meal planning more at the beginning of the week. For me, this not only about cost-savings but limiting my trips to the grocery store with two small kids. Shopping with them is quite a chore lately as Em changes her mind by the minute about riding in the cart, on the cart, running beside the cart, tripping over the wheels, needing a snack, and wanting to the push all by herself (ay-ay-ay). Then, there’s Tucker. If there’s a list on my phone he’s going to let me know what a bad mom I am for not sharing my shiny toy with him. He probably needs to stand up and surf down the aisles or bend over backwards to steal snacks from his sister. It takes a special kind of energy to handle the grocery store adventure, let alone run to different ones for different items (my love/HATE relationship with Sam’s Club continues).
IMG_0924Anyway, through my meal-planning efforts in the last few weeks, I’ve found a couple recipes worth sharing. They’re hot and healthy and make you feel like Susie-homemaker. 🙂

1. Grilled Cheesy Buffalo Chicken– So few ingredients, so much flavor! I cooked mine in the oven and it turned out great. This will definitely be a staple in our home now. I served it up with some sweet potato fries because Em loves them but a side of vegetables would be an even better choice.chicken

2. Darn Good Chili– My sister-in-law, Chelsea, introduced me to this chili mix and it’s actually super tasty but most importantly super EASY! I just brown up some meat to add in plus a can of tomato paste and voila! Check Reasor’s for this mix!chili

3. Spinach Mushroom Feta Crustless Quiche– New favorite breakfast! It feels like we eat sausage for breakfast just about every single morning (another Emmy favorite). I was getting bored with the routine and figured it would be a good leftover for lunch as well. So YUMMY! We love feta and Sam’s (grr) sells a huge container for much cheaper than anywhere else so why not!?IMG_0926

4. Chipolte Chicken Bowl– This chicken turns out awesome! My mouth is actually watering just thinking about it. I cook mine on the stove then transfer it to the griddle for a few minutes to get the grill lines and crispiness. We substituted the white rice for fried cauliflower and it was pretty delicious and so much healthier. Just grate the cauliflower, cook in coconut oil, and add lime juice and cilantro for flavor.chipolte

5. Crock-Pot Mexican Shredded Chicken- Angie taught me this one and it’s the easiest meal ever. I just put chicken breasts in my crock pot, dump a can of salsa on top, and let it cook. After 5 hours or so I use my Kitchen Aid to shred the chicken in seconds and serve it up as the protein on a taco salad.

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