Pumpkin Picassos

Last Thursday we went around town collecting pumpkins and paint for a Pinterest project. My house hadn’t seen any signs of Fall yet and we were on a mission to change that. Of course we had to snap a couple pictures with our pumpkins before craft time. Tuck napped while Emmy was my little helper. She loved being just like mommy which melts my heart to pieces. I’d tell her, “I’m going to paint mine gold, Em” and she’d say, “Oh… I’m going to paint mine gold TOOOO!” She’d say, “We’re painting pumpkins together, Mom!” 🙂 IMG_0513 IMG_0515IMG_0514IMG_0498IMG_9788 IMG_0430Emmy was SO excited to see her cousins again after their big trip to Disney World! We decided on pumpkin painting round 2 for the day. We just kind of put everything out and let the kids go to town. IMG_0519IMG_0520 IMG_0522 IMG_0523 IMG_0525 IMG_0521 IMG_0528 IMG_0529We did the same thing last year with these goobers and they were so much smaller. WAAA! 😦 We attempted recreating the pic on the stairs with their completed masterpieces but this was the best we could do… (Love how Norah’s the only child smiling both years)IMG_0533A few throwback photos from only one year ago…IMG_0666

In the spirit of  keeping traditions, we ended the afternoon of crafting with a movie and some popcorn. Tucker was in heaven hanging with the big kids! 🙂IMG_0527IMG_0477Another year full of Fall fun for this gang!

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